Initial Colour and Totem Culture


After our study trip in Tai Wan, we found that Atayal Tribe, one of the fourteen tribes in Tai Wan, are good at weaving, getting pigment from the nature and telling story by weaving totem. In this project, we try to do the experimental exploration of nature pigment and develop a collection of totem to present our learning journey in Tai Wan.




Making of Initial Colour


We went to outdoors to get some flowers on the ground and tried to extract initial pigment. We did extract the pigment from the flowers and plants such as squeezing the plants, boiling the plants, using juicer etc.



 Initial Colour




Initial Colour Book

After extracted the pigment of initial colours, we tried to colour different kinds of test papers. We found that the pigment would change from original to different colours on different papers, such as darker, transparent or even changed to other colours.




Storytelling in totem

We appreciated the visual elements about the combinations of patterns and colours from the Atayal handicrafts. Their pattern designed with the stories and blessing. We try study the pattern used in their handicraft, followed by developing a whole new set of patterns in handmade stamps, the patterns are a sharing story of our Tai Wan trip.





Application of Totem

After our learning of Atayal’s totem and developing own totem, we tried to apply our totem on the product - cotton bag. The reason of the application is that we want to spread the sprit of totem and let people know more about the culture of totem. Therefore, we tried to stamp our totem on common and popular cotton bag as our souvenirs of Tai Wan study trip and let people bring them out on the street.

Little Exhibition