Jupyeah is an online swapping platform that dedicated to extend the lifespan of unwanted item by finding a new owner for them. The user can share unwanted things and find values from others’ shared items. Jupyeah believe this action can continue the lifespan of unwanted items and reduce waste in the world.




“WE ARE INFINITY” is the name of this advertising campaign. Infinity is the spirit of Jupyeah – as there is infinity sign in Jupyeah logo – they believe nothing is finite if we can extend the lifespan of unwanted items by swapping. “WE” means Jupper – the general name of users in Jupyeah. They are infinity because they can make things infinity, they can give out and take back items in Jupyeah as an endless circle.



Get...20-35 aged people who always go shopping
To... know Jupyeah and understand their spirit 
By... telling them we can make things infinity by swapping




The infinity sign with hashtag #WEAREINFINITY will appear everywhere. Also, the same sign of sticker will stick on others’ shopping bags on the street by our helpers. Audience eyes are catch by the sign and they can search online with the hashtag #WEAREINFINITY. This action will drive tbem to the teaser video.





3 teaser videos will introduce Jupper roughly by showing their items from Jupyeah and the infinity sign. The briefly introduction can raise audience attention and curiosity about the campaign. Audience can only remember the infinity sign and the flood of items. This memorable action will drive them to the final stage. 




FINAL - Advertorial 

Interview with different real life Jupper and introduce the meaning of infinity. Audience can understand why and how they are infinity and what is Jupyeah. The advertorial will be posted on local young magazine like Milk magazine, 100 Most magazine etc.





The banner advertisement will show some important attitudes and quotes from Jupyeah. Audience will link the memory of the whole campaign including the teaser and final stage and understand the spirit and philosophy of Jupyeah.