Nissin Food Online Viral Video

DI is well-known and loved by people as 'the instant noodle', most associate it with the basic 'sesame flavour' only, the brand is growing lackluster because it has remained the same in consumers' eyes. Now, DI want to promote their new product - DI spicy series through viral video advertising.



Takuyashan is a famous dick sucker in Japan. In the Japanese TV programme, he battled with a porn star that can Takuyashan sucks until he cum within 15min. Finally the video spread virally and became a talk of the town.



Get... youngsters aged 18-24
To... try DI spicy series of noodles
By...  telling them DI now does spicy too





We will post a video to Youtube called "Takuyashan has a new challenge". The storyline is about Takuyashan goes to the TV programme again and has a new battle. At the beginning, audience cannot see the exactly competitor. Takuyashan will keep his head inside the box and sounds like sucking dick. Sometimes, he moves out of the box with red face and feel hot. Finally, he speaks "Oishii!" means yummy and audience find it out here is the promotion of  DI spicy series.