"Do something good for China if you think the people deserve it." W+K headquarters said to WKSH. The most inspirited saying to me. I really love their spirit that they do think advertising can be a tool to change society and the future. From the works they've done, these really tried to bring the new perspectives to Chinese people. Look at my internship journey in W+K Shanghai!




app of disney's float 

We designed an interactive mobile application for Disney Shanghai in annual Shanghai Tourism Festival (STF). Due to Disney Shanghai planned to attend the biggest parade in STF, we asked to seek Disney fans attention to Disney's float and make their own float and share it online via Wechat and Weibo.




IN-house project: smoking sign

The brief is to design a smoking sign for W+K office toilets. The toilets in W+K are all in wooden materials and easy to be burned. Therefore, I tried to twist the traditional smoking sign to be the burned one to demonstrate the consequence of fire accident.




IN-house project: wine gallery

There is a place called public gallery located in the ground floor of W+K office. We held a wine gallery that time for different colleagues to design different wine bottle to exhibit. They think sometimes we need to do some crazy art without any limitation. Therefore, they offer a chance to let every colleague to design their own bottle and show it publicly.




in-house project: bday gift to rob

The brief is drawing on an all white Birkenstock as a birthday gift to Rob, the head of planner. Base on what Rob likes, the football team called Forest with iconic logo of tree in red color. I hand-drawn this cool slipper for him finally.




internship report