Freedom Zone

Hong Kong consumer market is increasingly dominated by top-tier brands. This has negatively affected the development of local brands, as the rents of prime shopping locations are driven up.  Consequently, they are driven out to remote areas. Customers' shopping choices are narrowed too. 





We are inspired by the game SimCity. By creating a virtual city, users can create their own characters and make their votes to decide which kind of shops can be opened on the street.  Information of the category of small shops selected during that month is then provided to users.   The campaign will be held for a year and it is expected that the people’s awareness on small shop will be raised after a year. 



Get... Hong Kong young people aged 18 - 35
To... raise their awareness on local small business and visit the small shops more

1/ giving them the right to participate in the building of streets in the virtual city
2/ providing attractive information on the special small shops hidden in Hong Kong
3/ providing a 3D figure of the character the user created as reward.




Stage1: Official website

As the users agree with our campaign concept that supporting local small shops, users can create their account and cute character on the web. Cute character created will be posted on user’s Facebook account. After that, they can apply physical card with directly mail or a digital version sent by email. Finally, users can pick their preference on the type of small shops that they want to build in the city and the most voted theme will be published next month.




Stage2: Direct Mail

The users who applied an ID card can receive the direct mail. The created character will be the mud shot of the ID card and it will be posted on Facebook too, with caption - this user has just got the ID card in Freedom City.




Stage3: Theme of a month announcement

Official website will update the different themes of month in the every first day of a month. We will send a announcement through users email to motivate them to visit our website again and check for information of small shops of a month.




Stage4: Shops small now!

The citizens can go to small shops which cooperates with our campaign and ask the shop owners to scan the barcode of the campaign ID card. Then the record will be sent to our database so as to accumulate points for users. 




Collect Point scheme

When citizens who visited 12 or above small shops under each chosen category can get 12 points within a year, they would receive our gift as reward at the end of the campaign. This encourages users to participate and keep follow on our website during the whole year. 




Stage5: Campaign celebration and Reward

An exhibition will be held after 12 months, by displaying all shops’ figure. The figure will look similar to the real small shop. The purpose of this exhibition is a review of the whole campaign.This can also give a chance for those who missed our previous events to know more about our purpose and mission of “shop small”.


It is rewarding our participants for finishing our campaign. They can pick up their 3D print figure in the exhibition as long as they collect all the points during the whole event within a year.