Dirty Hand, Dirty World

Our world is getting dirty and black because of serious air pollution. People produce large amount of carbon emissions due to industrial development. Colour by definition does not only mean the light spectrum, but also the happiness of life therefore, we help people to to increase awareness of environmental protection by changing all the colourful items into shades of blacks.



Dirty Toys for Children

Since children are the future of our society, we design a collection of dirty toys for them because we want to increase their awareness of protecting environment. Through the first hand experience, children can touch the pollutants, that is made by carbon, and and feel the situation of serious air pollution in the future.



Colouring Card

In this set of colouring card, there are 10 fake colour pencils and 10 drawing cards of endangered species animals. 

Fake colour pencils are in fact simple pencils. Children will surprise that they can only colour black on the animals. They cannot draw other colours even they try any try, and this situation implies that the animals will be extinct if human do not take action to protect the world and people cannot help anymore even they want to change the situation. 



Dirty Tangram

Tangram is a simple and usual toy for children. In traditional tangram, there are different colours in different tangram. Children can use tangram to create different colourful images such as animals, flowers, buildings and so on.

In our dirty tangram, all tangrams are dirty and in black. Children will only create the dirty animals, flowers, and buildings in black. Children’s hands will also be polluted by the dirty tangram with carbon. This situation implies that people will see everything is polluted in the future if they do not take action anymore.






Dirty Tangram Poster

As we designed a dirty tangram for children creating polluted animals, flower and buildings, we also design a tangram poster as an instruction. 

The poster is about ‘The top thirty countries of carbon emissions’. The content of the poster is all about buildings because we found that industrial pollution is one of the main causes of global warming. 

We added a tangram tree to the center of the poster, we hope children can find the detail when following the images buildings. This arrangement implies that trees no longer appear in the world if we do not stop the pollution. 


Dirty Facial Tissues

People are used to clean their dirty hands by tissue. We think that people are too selfish because they only care their own body but not including the world. Therefore, we want to share the message in tissue so we design a dirty tissue. 

In this design, we used a normal package for the dirty tissue. However, users will surprise that the tissue inside are polluted in different gradient. They will get the tissue from out to in, and the tissues will be darker and darker. We hope the users can realize  that they should keep the world clean as themselves.