CHANEL - NO.5 l'eau launch CAMPAIGN

CHANEL N°5 perfume as known as eternally enigmatic, certain idea of femininity, a masterpiece.
In 2016, N°5 L’EAU break through the traditional image to "Simple and Sophisticated", "Fresh and Audacious", "Mysterious and Iconic" with lightheartedness and transparency bottle design. And never has N°5 been smell so natural. Never has it been so fresh. #YouKnowMeAndYouDont is the global tagline of CHANEL N°5 L’EAU launch. 

Inner personality can be different with people impression of you. Everyone can be #YouKnowMeAndYouDont, everyone can be N°5 L’EAU.
Playing an inner-personality test and take a personalized double exposure portrait became an execution idea to let people showing their own #YouKnowMeAndYouDont

Agency: Hungry Digital Ltd
Art Director: Dickwai Lai
Copywriter: Rudi Leung & Dino Man
Social Strategist: Dino Man
Event Video Director: Dickwai Lai, Felix Lam
KOL Photoshoot Session Photographer: Ricky Lo of Ricky Lo Photography
Public Photoshoot Session Photographer: Chris Luk of Chrislukphoto